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Looking for dressage shows! 

2 deviants said Please link me to any with a deadline that's a month or two away
No deviants said For the weather it would be great if it was outdoors and raining :)




For Argentievetri
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The New Kids in Town by OakBrookeStables
The New Kids in Town
And here they come, the obertaurer foalies!!

Here we have Altnahara, out of Mistyhills ' colt and TreckyQueen 's Honey Heart and Impersonating the Prince, out of Jullelin 's Crown Prince and Mimic!

I'm so delighted with my two little colts <3

These guys live out on the common land around the stables, but come in every morning for their feed and for any work to be done with them as they grow. They are in competition with the herd of dutchies that also live out on the common land for the summer months, and then in the winter months these guys stay out but the dutchies are held in paddocks or indoors as they need rugs on. 

Can't wait for some ober adventures!

They're both bay roan of some description but they will get real refs when they are adults ^^

I'd like to once again thank Jullelin, Mistyhills and TreckyQueen for letting me breed your horses to get myself these babies :D

"They're here!" Skye squeeled, hearing a lorry pull up in the driveway. She dropped everything and proceeded to run out to the driveway. 
Elly and Olly put down their things and followed her, at a slightly slower pace, but they were all pretty excited.
Skye got there just as the lorry driver was jumping out of his cab, and immediately rushed around the back. Just as the driver lowered the ramp, the others turned up. As the ramp was lowered they saw two little bay roan bundles of foal fluff.
"They're so cute!" Skye squeeled, almost running up the ramp to help move the dividers to get them out of the lorry.

"Hey guys," Skye said calmly, slowly reaching out to clip lead ropes onto their headcollars. She then took them down the ramp for Elly and Olly to see them. She handed one leadrope to Olly and they all huddled around the foals, petting them. 
They were so fluffy compared to the warmblood foals, even after having lost their foal fluff. It was like having Shetland ponies all over again!

They wanted to give the foals time to settle in so quietly led them to the large field where they would spend a few weeks before being integrated into the herd and put out on the land.  
Once they'd taken their headcollars off, the foals raced around the perimeter of the field and then started playing with each other.
"Well at least they don't hate eachother!" Elly laughed. She, above all was excited. It was her idea to get these guys as they suited the climate more and would make good all-round ponies hopefully. Both being colts though, she knew these guys would be fun to train up but they were up for a challenge.
Dance of the Midnight Sun by OakBrookeStables
Dance of the Midnight Sun
:trophy: We placed 1st guys! So happy!!! :squee: :trophy:

:new: Well, I decided today to try taking another photo which worked a bit better, seems daylight shooting is the way to go! xD Views better now but please still zoom in and you can see the paper texture and my pencil lines which reveal things like buckles :D

Well, here I am, 2 hours before the deadline trying to submit me entry which was completed about half an hour ago. I'm currently on holiday and using dad's macbook to submit this and I used mum's camera to take the photo, and her camera was like determined that it was going to flash or make it look shiny. :saddummy: I will get a better photo for you all on the 19th July though when I get home! I hope you can appreciate the month's worth of work that went into creating this though from the crappy photo. 

This was actually my first real endeavour with coloured pencils too. I got my set of 120 polychromos and they're amazing! It was a challenge to complete this picture but a complete and utter labour of love as I love my little Rain <3


Materials: Faber-Castell Polychromos and zest-it blending medium on dealer downey aquarelle hot pressed watercolour paper
Size: A3
Timescale: A month pretty much. Hours upon hours of love and care went into this, estimating about 15 to make the reference, then about 60 hours on colouring, whether that was testing colours or actually putting pencil to paper
Reference: Reference (All there references used to make the reference are linked in the description there on


The potentially boring journey to Sweden was made a lot more bearable with the company of Turta and Tom from Akmuo stables and of course Skye. They decided to also take Kit along for the ride to give her the experience of flying to shows and their plan was to ride her out and pretend that she was showing too as she would soon be expected to be in the show ring for real as she was coming on in leaps and bounds. They had big hopes for Kit so wanted to give her every opportunity they could.

Rain was so used to all this travelling now and she pretty much slept through it all, trying to ignore Kit and her immature behaviour, nipping and pawing at Rain. She was pretty happy to get off in Sweden to stretch her legs.

Elly, Skye, Tom and Turta met up with The Falken stud gang upon arrival and had a good chat about all things irrelevant before getting the horses off the lorry and stabled for the night. Their routine pretty much fell like clockwork they did it so often, horses first, un-rugging and de-booting before taking everything else out, turning the horses out to pasture, getting sorted them selves, then bring the horses in for the night and giving them their dinner. It was a pretty unexciting regime but one that was essential. 

The next day was competition day and Rain was a bit more awake. This was a very special competition for Elly as it was the anniversary of her mother's death, ten years ago, when she was given Rain as a two year old to work with. The death was not unexpected, but slow and painful which made it more emotional for Elly, knowing what pain and suffering her mother had gone through trying to prolong her life with chemotherapy for her, because she wanted to spend more time with her daughter. 

Elly had a father, but one who couldn't cope with the stresses of her mother's illness. Only a few months after she was diagnosed, the day before her operation, he broke it off with her, and the divorce papers ensued weeks later. After that he seemed to drop off the face of the planet. He moved, changed his mobile number and seemed to stay far away from the internet. 

Elly sighed, reflecting on the matter while bridling up Rain. She really wanted to show her mother how far they'd come over the years, and hoped her mother would be watching them on this beautiful night. Rain then followed her to the warmup arena where she got on with the help of Skye, and wondered around. She was soon getting in the way of people while she flooded around and others were practicing their half passes and passages so they took to the trails to watch the summer solstice. What seemed like only a few minutes later, she turned back and headed for home. It was only fifteen minutes before her performance, which was only enough time for a basic warm up so she was glad that Rain was being responsive.

They worked in with ease, just like they did most days, before the announcer called their name.

"Next up is Falling Raindrops ridden by Eleanor Baird!" The announcer exclaimed over the tannoy, basically deafening the whole warm up ring and spooking some of the horses. 

"Good luck out there!" Turta exclaimed, and Elly looked over to see Tom, Turta and Skye all cheering for her.

"Thanks guys," she replied, her voice bearably audible. She nodded her head and picked up her reins. "Come on Rain, let's do this for mum."


Art (c) OakBrookeStables 
Characters (c) OakBrookeStables 
First day of Summer by OakBrookeStables
First day of Summer
Here we have it, the second breeding picture for another obertaurer foal :D Did this one on holiday but only managed to take a photo of it today XD I've already designed the foals and will be uploading them shortly :la:
Alsoooo.... More traditional :D 
I still have pictures to upload that are digital from like February xD

The Honey Heart belongs to TreckyQueen 
Obertaurer colt belongs to Mistyhills 

Art (c) Oakbrookestables
Looking for dressage shows!
2 deviants said Please link me to any with a deadline that's a month or two away
No deviants said For the weather it would be great if it was outdoors and raining :)

OBS News

Sun Jun 21, 2015, 8:32 AM


With still having not found any of their horses, the team at Oak Brooke Stables have been contemplating where they are going to take the stables next. We have decided to concentrate on the breeding of our dutch warmbloods to create an elite lineage, which each horse being a champion in their own right. This will be for the discipline of dressage, but we will keep a couple of other horses around for the ride. We are also, as you may have noticed a few weeks ago, getting a pair of Obertaurer foals which is very exciting for us! The obertaurers are more suited to the climate in Scotland so this seemed like a logical step for us. We are not sure what discipline these will be introduced for, and will play it by ear as they are still foals. You should see images of these guys up in the next new weeks! On the show front we are entering the Midsummer Celebration Grand Prix, hosted by mistyhills and helsinge, and you should totally go and check it out! Also, the plan is to place some old art in scraps and tidy up my gallery as the coloured pencils are invading!!


Eilidh Geddes
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slanciato Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I absolutely LOVE your traditional work, as I am a traditional artists myself. Do you mind me asking what brand pencils/paper you use? (also, if you don't mind, how in the world do you do dapples so well?! They're insanely realistic!)
OakBrookeStables Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thank you ^^

I have a set of 120 faber-castell polychromos for my coloured pencil work, but they're pretty new. I use a set of 60 faber-castell pitt pastel pencils for my pastel work and the faber-castell tin of graphite pencils along with 3 grades of mechanical pencil for my graphite work :)
As for paper, for my graphite work I use Daler Rowney Heavyweight paper (pink cover). For pastels I use Daler Rowney Murano paper which I buy in sheets and cut to size. For coloured pencil I use Bockingford hot press watercolour paper for A4 piece and at the moment I use Daler Rowney Aquarelle (hot pressed) for A3 work but I find it a bit too textured. You may find the best investment some blending medium, like zest-it as long as your pencils are either oil or wax based :)

As regards to dapples... Well a lot of it came from just understanding how dapples are formed, as white hair breaking through the darker hair so you realise that they aren't going to be perfect circles or in any kind of pattern. I recommend just looking at lots of photos of dappled horses for that though! I've been chopping and changing my technique for 4 years xD

If you have any other questions, shoot me a note :)
WiskeyandFlapjacks Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
If you ever feel the itch I have a ARPG Riding Academy. Enrollment is open currently and ends September 1st and opens again December 20th.
Thanks for your time!
AbbottHorseStables Featured By Owner May 24, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
This is a project for my music elective. If you could so kindly watch this and comment (either on DA or youtube) that would be great. You can send it to your friends as well.…
LiaLithiumTM Featured By Owner May 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Horse RPG event
Are you brave enough?

Invitation for the HWBs WEREWOLF HUNT by LiaLithiumTM
AbbottHorseStables Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
DO you know any good drawing apps for a tablet?
Jube-insidetheforest Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the watch :love:
AbbottHorseStables Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
You are officially invited to the first annual Abbott Horse Stables Non-Profit Horse Show. This show will last from today (April 18 2015) to May 18 2015, all entries must be in by May 18 no later, no exceptions will be made to this rule. It's a non-profit show which means that the owner (me) nor the winner/enterer (you) gets any points or money from the show, just recognition. This show has every division imaginable and welcomes all and every breed of horse. Your entry has to include a picture of the horse in action and in the description the horses name, the horses rider, the stables/barn that it's competing for and optionally a short story. Any entries who don't have the requirements will be disqualified from the show. Also any insulting of others work will end in disqualification from the show as well.
Shehy Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for the watch :hug:
OakBrookeStables Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
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