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No deviants said
No deviants said I am going to be typing up my show journal (third annual OBS dressage show!) so come give me your ideas!
No deviants said Then i have some business things and things to sort out with my stables! :)




For Argentievetri
25% Deposit for Commission


'Boots' by OakBrookeStables
I thought you all here would appreciate seeing what I have been working on lately. This was a practice piece to display my pastel skills and get to grips with a new kind of surface. 
As I don't get to draw horses as much as I would like through my commission work, I decided this was a good opportunity to flick through my archives and I came across this picture which immediately jumped out at me for some reason! 
I know the owner of this horse, and she is in fact planning to purchase this piece off me on the conditions I get to 'borrow' it back for shows and exhibitions and the like, which is a bonus!
This was my first real go at detail on PastelMat. My previous attempt was a commission (eek) of a dog and cat head but as the references weren't so fabulous I couldn't get too much detail out of it.

Anyway, I scanned this in yesterday and to my surprise my scanner ain't half bad! 

Soft pastel sticks and pencils on PastelMat
25cm x 35cm


Thu Oct 17, 2013, 2:26 PM
Tonight I shall be doing a little bit of uni work and I'd really appreciate the company! (especially if you know anything about hypocalcemia!) 
Then I get to make up posters and try to fight my website again </3

OBS News + Plans - 03/01/16

Sun Jun 21, 2015, 8:32 AM


Well, it's been 6 months since my last update so I thought I should air my thoughts on what is happening to OBS. Now these are for me some quite big changes, but for many I don't know how much you all know my horses and characters and things. Firstly, I'm changing up the staff. I am introducing more staff and Olly is leaving as my stables is turning into a more professional dressage yard with each member of staff allocated a specific role, including an office manager! Over the past couple of days I have gifted away a about 6 or 7 of my horses, and some of these were pretty successful, but they were eventers or show jumpers, and that is just not what I'm looking to do, so I gifted them to friends who I know will love them. We are continuing the line of Obertaurers, and they will be our small side business with some training going on there, and they might turn out to do an discipline yet!
Before I post up any more story art (except White December!), I will be doing some traditional references for all my ponies hopefully along with drawing out the stables. Drawing out the stables is going to be quite the challenge for someone who can't draw a straight line or do perspectives well but I am hoping to maybe learn sketchup for mapping out the house and I should perhaps manage a stable map and some 'around the stables' pictures. The around the stables pictures might come with story art though as but that time I'd imagine I will be going stir crazy, or it might be between commissions again (I am currently taking some time off to do original art and HARPG art).
Throughout this year I really want to focus on the humans and the 'behind the scenes' because to be honest I don't really care about prizes and only enter shows if they sound fun so showing will be kept to a minimum as those images also take a long, long time to do well traditionally.
Well I think that is all for now, I know and apologise for being so slow that art is almost non-existent, but between university and commissions, time is becoming more and more precious!


With still having not found any of their horses, the team at Oak Brooke Stables have been contemplating where they are going to take the stables next. We have decided to concentrate on the breeding of our dutch warmbloods to create an elite lineage, which each horse being a champion in their own right. This will be for the discipline of dressage, but we will keep a couple of other horses around for the ride. We are also, as you may have noticed a few weeks ago, getting a pair of Obertaurer foals which is very exciting for us! The obertaurers are more suited to the climate in Scotland so this seemed like a logical step for us. We are not sure what discipline these will be introduced for, and will play it by ear as they are still foals. You should see images of these guys up in the next new weeks! On the show front we are entering the Midsummer Celebration Grand Prix, hosted by mistyhills and helsinge, and you should totally go and check it out! Also, the plan is to place some old art in scraps and tidy up my gallery as the coloured pencils are invading!!

Oak Brooke’s Third Annual Dressage Show

Running: Now - 15th May 2016
Event Type: Dressage

Class/Classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Grand Prix Dressage, Au Natural, PDD, Fancy dress and In-hand dressage

Restrictions: None

This show is sanctioned by:

:icondressage-league: :iconh-i-e-f:

(If you would like any other sanctions please comment)


1. Participants may enter 3 horses per class at the maximum
2. All Classes, if not specified, require traditional dressage attire (black jacket, black boots, white jodhpurs,white shirt, top hat or black hat)
3. Extra images are not mandatory but always lovely to see and count towards the Grand Champion title
4. Realistic and fantasy Breeds allowed, powers may be used but will not gain any advantage
5. Points will be deducted for not following class rules
8. Horse name, Rider name and stable name along with links to any extras must be included in the description of your entry picture
9. Horses must be over 3 for classes 1, 5, 6 and 7 and over 5 for the rest.
10. Previous experience required the class must be linked in the entry's description or points will be lost
11. Ear nets are permitted in EVERY CLASS for spooky horses as they will be able to hear the sea and it is a bit windy!


Theme is something that I have not incorporated into my shows before but I feel it is important this year with the change in location. 
The theme is MUSIC. This is because this region of Scotland is well known for it's music and I would love to see all of your entries themed to a specific piece of music of YOUR choosing. I will listen to each piece of music chosen when I judge your entry. Please link your track in the description
The only small restriction I am placing is that the tracks must be less than 10 minutes. If it is a specific part of a track you want me to listen to, please mark this in the description.

Location and Weather

This year, we are changing things up a bit, so the show is NOT hosted in an indoor arena but within one of the best landscapes of Scotland, so let your creative juices flow! This show will take place in a field overlooking the Duncansby Stacks. These can be Googled and you should get pictures from most angles! Here are some for inspiration;

Stacks-D-MOD-452x300 by OakBrookeStables 9671581499 6483b47458 O by OakBrookeStables

If you so choose to have your entry facing in towards the land, the landscape will look something like this but it is open to interpretation, with additions such as livestock or rural (single track) roads, and perhaps some of the other participants all waiting their turn?;

Landscape by OakBrookeStables

The morning starts out quite misty and dark after the crisp night before. As it gets later into the morning, the mist dissipates leaving dark clouds but the sun shines through offering wonderful contrast. There are a couple of brief showers before the clouds move on, leaving a beautiful afternoon, just a certain crisp-ness to the air, and although sunny may still feel cold to the non-native, and a brisk wind will be blowing most of the day. The sunset is a beautiful mix of oranges and pinks, leading swiftly into a dark night, with many bright stars, and the last participants might even see a display of the Northern lights. 

Duncansby-Stacks by OakBrookeStables

The Arena

There is a grass arena, set back from the cliff face. The grass inside the 20x60m arena has been cut shorter than the surrounding grass which is longer wildgrasses. The panelling is simple, and each base is weighted like this;

Dressage Arena 02 by OakBrookeStables

Behind the panelling are the letters like in this picture so the letters are visible through the grass;
Nip-Tuck OlympiaPN15 57317 by OakBrookeStables

In the first class, when it is misty and in the latter classes where it is getting dark, there will be lanterns on each of the bases, where the fencing slots into. The lanterns look like this, and will emit a warm tone but are LED and therefore bright enough to illuminate the arena;

ELSHydePark L by OakBrookeStables

How to Make Your Entry Stand Out

I know how hard it is to be original with dressage entries, and it is because of this I wanted to include this section so you know what I am going to be specifically judging. 
  • How your music fits your entry. Got a big excited piece of music? Try some extensions or big powerful moves to go with it! This extends to the use of colour as well within your piece. Even though I have laid out weather for the day, this does not mean you do not have some creative licence to change it a little to fit your theme! For example maybe you have a really creepy or mystical song and you want the mist but you're in one of the last classes? Go for it!
  • Colour, and tying your horse into it's surroundings. The reason I gave you a 'big' location was so the horse doesn't need to necessarily be right in your face and take up the whole canvas; why not try placing him in the distance a little or take it as a view from the stacks, showing the cliff-face and your horse performing more in the background? I'm not going to deduct points for a bit less detail on the horse and rider if the whole piece ties in together like that
  • Cohesive style is something that is also nice to see. I'm not going to be nit-picking at anatomy if I can see you have a clearly developed style that works for you.
  • Stories. You don't have to be a great story writer to set the scene, tell us how your horse behaved and how your rider was feeling and what was the atmosphere like? They also give you more marks!


Class One - Preliminary Dressage

-Horse do not need any prior dressage experience
-No double bridles or spurs
-Polo wraps permitted
-Walk and trot test, minimal extension of gait, no collection

Class Two - Medium Dressage

-Horses must have participated in at least 1 dressage class or have 2 dressage training pictures
-Double Bridles Permitted, no spurs
-No Polo Wraps
-Walk, trot, canter with extensions and collections of each gait along with leg yielding, half pass, shoulder in and shoulder out

Class Three - Grand Prix Dressage

- Horses must have participated in at least 3 dressage classes and placed 4th or above in at least one or have placed 1st in a dressage class and 3 dressage training pictures
-Double Bridles and spurs permitted
-No Polo Wraps
-All moves up to Olympic Level permitted

Class Four - Au Natural 

-No saddles or bridles permitted,although neck ropes are permitted for safety reasons
-Rider may wear casual attire but must wear a safety hat (not a top hat)
-Walk, Trot, Canter an minimal extensions and collections allowed
- No Spurs

Class Five - Pas de Deux

-Double Bridles and Spurs allowed
-Any level of test may be performed, right up to Olympic level
-No prior dressage experience required
-Tack and rider attire may be informal (ie coloured tack and fancy dress)
-Collaborations encouraged

Class Six- In-hand Dressage

-Horse and handler to perform a walk and trot test like this:…
-Haute Ecole moves permitted
-Rider can either dress formally or casually, this is judged in your communication with the horse and their movement
-Double bridles permitted, double reins encouraged for more advanced moves
- No polo wraps

Class Seven - Musical Ride with a Difference!

-This class requires a team of 3 or more horses, with riders being placed individually and then additional prizes for the top 3 teams! 
-Teams will be formed on the day of the competition and given the test an hour before the class to practice, so the judges aren't looking for perfection
-Costumes supplied! Decide within your team what theme you would like to do! (There are some examples below)
-I will make a comment thread for you to reply to if you are looking for team mates, only 2 horses from one stables permitted, so team up!
-As this is individually judged, collaborative efforts will all be given a joint placing
-Double bridles permitted, horse décor encouraged!
-No previous dressage experience required!

 Mg 1596 by OakBrookeStables  Mg 1665 by OakBrookeStables  Mg 1732 by OakBrookeStables


Grand Champion

- £20 Gift Voucher for Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes
-Exclusive stock pack of 40 dressage photos
-250:points: (may be increased) from OakBrookeStables

Reserve Champion

- £15 Gift Voucher for Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes
-Exclusive stock pack of 30 dressage photos
-150:points: (may be increased) from OakBrookeStables

Judge's Choice- Traditional

- £10 Gift Voucher for Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes
-Exclusive stock pack of 20 dressage photos
100:points: from OakBrookeStables

Judge's Choice - Digital

- £10 Gift Voucher for Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes
-Exclusive stock pack of 20 dressage photos
100:points: from OakBrookeStables

1st Place in each Class

-£10 Gift Voucher for Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes
-Exclusive stock pack of 20 dressage photos
100:points: from OakBrookeStables
-1st Place Ribbon

2nd Place in each Class

- £5 Gift Voucher for Pet Portraits by Eilidh Geddes
-Exclusive stock pack of 20 dressage photos
50:points: from OakBrookeStables
-2nd Place Ribbon

3rd Place in each Class

-Exclusive stock pack of 10 dressage photos
-3rd Place Ribbon

All Participants

-Participation Ribbon

Prize donations greatly appreciated!

Enjoy! Any questions, just ask!


Eilidh Geddes
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom


OakBrookeStables has started a donation pool!
673 / 1,000
Raising points for my show's prizes =3

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