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Anyone streaming? 

No deviants said Link please c:




Oak Brooke’s Second Annual Dressage Show

:new: 9 days to go!
Please check your entries have been added and that they are in the correct class!

Running: Now - 29th May 2015

Event Type: Dressage

Class/Classes: Beginner, Intermediate and Grand Prix Dressage, Au Natural, PDD, Fancy dress and In-hand dressage

Restrictions: None
Pre-registration: None

This show is sanctioned by:

:icondressage-league: :iconh-i-e-f:

 Upon 30 entries in the show we can be classed as an elite show

(will try and get h-i-e-f as well, along with any others, please comment with suggestions)

Rules and Guidelines

1. Participants may enter 3 horses per class at the maximum
2. All Classes, if not specified, require traditional dressage attire (black jacket, black boots, white jodhpurs,white shirt, top hat or black hat)
3. Extra images are not mandatory but always lovely to see, and will count towards the grand champion award
4. Respect each other
5. and the dressage fence looks like this… but with fern and yellow flowers 
6. Realistic and fantasy Breeds allowed, powers may be used but will not gain any advantage when judging
7. Points will be deducted for not following class rules
8. Horse name, Rider name and stable name along with links to any extras must be included in the description of your entry picture
9. Horses must be over 3 for classes 1, 5, 6 and 7 and over 5 for the rest.
10. Previous experience required for the show must be linked in the entry's description
11. The weather during the show is stormy during the day, and it will clear up for a beautiful sunset in the evening. Scotland is well known for its ability to depict 4 seasons in one day though so who knows!

OBS Stable Plans - Stables WIP by OakBrookeStables


Class One - Beginner Dressage

-Horse do not need any prior dressage experience
-No double bridles or spurs
-Polo wraps permitted
-Walk and trot test, minimal extension of gait, no collection

Superheroes by FourthTemptation Oakbrooke's Second Annual Dessage Show Entry by Skypeoplephoenix732

Class Two - Intermediate Dressage

-Horses must have participated in at least 1 dressage class or have 2 dressage training pictures
-Double Bridles Permitted, no spurs
-No Polo Wraps
-Walk, trot, canter with extensions and collections of each gait along with leg yielding, half pass, shoulder in and shoulder out

the stars will light the sky for you by IvoryPark

Class Three - Grand Prix Dressage

- Horses must have participated in at least 3 dressage classes and placed 4th or above in at least one or have placed 1st in a dressage class and 3 dressage training pictures
-Double Bridles and spurs permitted
-No Polo Wraps
-All moves up to Olympic Level permitted

Walking the Walk by AthenaMyth At it again by Jessa-bee

Class Four - Au Natural 

-No saddles or bridles permitted,although neck ropes are allowed for safety reasons
-Rider may wear casual attire but must wear a safety hat (not a top hat)
-Walk, Trot, Canter an minimal extensions and collections allowed
- No Spurs

Au natural: All that thunder by OpalTalons

Class Five - Fancy dress

-Theme: Film Charaters
-The story your entry originates from must be listed in your entry's description
-Simple Walk, Trot test so beginner horses may enter
-Both horse and rider may be dressed up!

Class Six - Pas de Deux

-Double Bridles and Spurs allowed
-Any level of test may be performed, right up to Olympic level
-No prior dressage experience required
-Tack and rider attire may be informal (ie coloured tack and fancy dress)
-Collaborations encouraged

Tornado Alley by SolinaBright Pretty boys by BangGoesReality say what you wanna say by IvoryPark

Class Seven - In-hand Dressage

-Horse and handler to perform a walk and trot test like this:…
-Rider can either dress formally or casually, this is judged in your communication with the horse and their movement
-Double bridles permitted, double reins encouraged for more advanced moves
- No polo Wraps

.:I The calm one I:. by SunshineEliteStables Prancing Darling by AthenaMyth


Grand Champion

-Fullbody Shaded of Winning horse with Sash by OakBrookeStables
-250Points (may be increased) from OakBrookeStables

Reserve Champion

-Fullbody Shaded of Winning horse with Sash by OakBrookeStables
-150Points (may be increased) from OakBrookeStables

1st Place in each Class

-Fullbody flatcoloured of winning horses by OakBrookeStables
-100Points (may be increased) from OakBrookeStables
-Custom Design by Horseandponyshow 
-1st Place Ribbon

2nd Place in each Class

-Headshot, shaded of winning horses by OakBrookeStables
-50Points (may be increased) from OakBrookeStables
-2nd Place Ribbon

3rd Place in each Class

-Headshot, flat coloured, of winning horses by OakBrookeStables
-25Points from OakBrookeStables
-3rd Place Ribbon

All Participants

-Participation Ribbon

Prize donations greatly appreciated!

Enjoy! Any questions, just ask!

Moving Forward by OakBrookeStables
Moving Forward
What is this? Art from oakie?
Well, this is the first of about 10  things waiting to be uploaded but I suppose this is the most urgent out of those - a breeding picture between two of Jullelin 's lovely Obertaurers; RD's Mimic and RPS Crown Prince!

I was so delighted to get this breeding as it means for the first time in two years, OBS is going to house a non-dutch warmblood :noes: I feel like this is a positive move and it'll bring a lot of new possibilities into the stables as we are lucky enough to have secured another breeding to two other lovely horses as well, so there will be two new Obertaurers!

Another thing I hope you'll all look forward to is my shift from digital to traditional. I'm sure at least some of you will know that I do pet portrait commissions, and they have been taking up a lot of my time recently. Well, I have purchased a set of polychromos and I have been testing the waters with them to see about doing some HARPG art with them, and it's going well so far!

Keep your eye out for some traditional work from me in the future, possibly even including this foal!

Thank you once again Jullelin for this wonderful opportunity, and I hope you like this, and will love the foal that I create ^^


Thu Oct 17, 2013, 2:26 PM
Editing photographs from today's horse show, and if I get through them before midnight, then I will be editing together photos for references :la:

Oak's Personal Updates

Sun Apr 19, 2015, 3:02 PM
First off, hello everyone and kudos to everyone that's noticed I haven't been very active lately. Some of you may already know why I haven't been very active here but actually, it has been for arty reasons! Over the last two weeks (my Easter holidays) I have been trying to finish up all my stuff for my higher art, averaging one piece a day, sized between A6 and A2! For my portfolio stuff I've had to complete an expressive unit, which I themed around Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, and then a design unit for which I made a scale model of a music stand. For each of these final pieces I've had to do odds and ends of development work which to be fair is a pain in the ass!
Additionally I have got a boatload of commissions, currently sitting at 15 headshots and 1 fullbody, with various deadlines but I should be able to start churning them out as of Monday when the bulk of my art is complete and the rest is done in class.
As I've not been doing join.mes, due to not doing any digital work (I had to dust off my tablet the other day when I went to use it to make a photo manip for a drawing), I have been contemplating starting doing more livestreams, and maybe even starting up a youtube channel for timelapses. Is this something people would like? Or would you prefer another platform for streaming? (please make suggestions though do note that the platform needs to be able to feed off a webcam I have set up through a USB. I might consider getting something more like a small video cam corder as my DSLR would have HUGE files that I'm not prepared to store on my computer and it would be very hard to set up, but this would probably only work for youtube.
I also do still have lots to upload of art I did a few months ago that is just waiting on stories, including RDR-Academy stuff and more storyline elements. Once the rush has calmed down I will hopefully tend to my storyline a little more and look to RP.
On top of all that I've got my end of year exams coming up too. The first one is 3 weeks on Wednesday I believe (which is a little scary due to the fact I only started revision, and not very much of it on Tuesday!) and the last one is on the last day of my show (29th May). After my exams I am officially free until September 14th when university starts, which is very exciting! I've got all my offers, so I just have to firm one and pick an insurance but I kinda already know what I'm going to pick, so I will hopefully be going off to study Veterinary Biosciences! I hope to be able to continue with my commissions as trade is booming at the moment, and with HARPG, but maybe more on the traditional front!
And on that note, with my new colouring pencils I do have a few pieces in the works for HARPG, so keep your eyes peeled! I can't wait until I get a lull in the commissions though as I am slowly drowning over here, quoting August completion dates, eek!
I think that's all for now! Enjoy some pictures of my art that I've been working on, along with some photographs of this year's lambs!

Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStablesUntitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables


Eilidh Geddes
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United Kingdom


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You are officially invited to the first annual Abbott Horse Stables Non-Profit Horse Show. This show will last from today (April 18 2015) to May 18 2015, all entries must be in by May 18 no later, no exceptions will be made to this rule. It's a non-profit show which means that the owner (me) nor the winner/enterer (you) gets any points or money from the show, just recognition. This show has every division imaginable and welcomes all and every breed of horse. Your entry has to include a picture of the horse in action and in the description the horses name, the horses rider, the stables/barn that it's competing for and optionally a short story. Any entries who don't have the requirements will be disqualified from the show. Also any insulting of others work will end in disqualification from the show as well.
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