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Please ignore me while I drown in to-do lists. 

1 deviant said and well, #4 is HARPG unfortunately xD
No deviants said I'm trying to get on top of them and do random stuff on dA but in all honesty I make like one visit to dA a day
No deviants said Commissions are #1 priority
No deviants said #2 is all the stuff to get ready for going to university next month
No deviants said #3 is the photoshoots that I'm doing just now
No deviants said Stuff on the DL front will be slow and we, I'd imagine you probably don't expect much less from me on the art front currently so we'll not even go there :blush:




For Argentievetri
25% Deposit for Commission


Spike by OakBrookeStables
! Now you all know what I've been up to!

I actually finished this one a couple of weeks ago and have done... 3 or 4 more drawings since?
Only 5 more commissions to go before Christmas and I have no idea how I am going to do it! And of course not forgetting a HARPG commission I have been working on in small snippets over the last month. 
Also got 3 exams coming up in 2 weeks that I am so unprepared for but oh well x'D

If people want to see more of this kind of stuff I am more than happy to upload it to this account :D (Big Grin) If you want to see more visit the link further down :D (Big Grin)

Graphite on 10"x12" Heavyweight cartridge…

Oak's Personal Updates

Sun Apr 19, 2015, 3:02 PM

21st October

Hey guys! I've not been around so much lately, only getting on to update some DL things, and even that is hard to keep on top of just now! I just wanted to let you know that I am still readying all your lovely comments, even if I don't get around to replying :)
For anyone who wants to see the artwork that I am still currently doing, which is commission work, you can follow me in a few ways! Either my facebook page which is… or my Instagram 'eilidhsartwork' or my website (more for info than updates)
I'd love if you could give me a follow/like, each one means a lot to me! :tighthug:

For those of you who don't know, I am actually a university student now, and my course is certainly keeping me on my toes as most days I am in until 4-5pm (from 9) and then I come home to do another 4-5 hours work, or more if it was a short day (I did 10 hours of Biology and Chemistry prelab, assignment, and revision exercises yesterday .-.). But I am still getting to draw at about 9 or 10 at night until about midnight, but as I'm not getting long, I have to do commissions as I've still got quite a few to do, including one for someone on here, so that will get posted online when I get it done! If people would like to see what I do for commissions on here, I will post them but I am posting some of my commissions over on PaintThat but I haven't been so active over there lately.

But thank you everyone for the continual support, it means a lot, as I think it does to all artists :)


19th April

First off, hello everyone and kudos to everyone that's noticed I haven't been very active lately. Some of you may already know why I haven't been very active here but actually, it has been for arty reasons! Over the last two weeks (my Easter holidays) I have been trying to finish up all my stuff for my higher art, averaging one piece a day, sized between A6 and A2! For my portfolio stuff I've had to complete an expressive unit, which I themed around Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro, and then a design unit for which I made a scale model of a music stand. For each of these final pieces I've had to do odds and ends of development work which to be fair is a pain in the ass!
Additionally I have got a boatload of commissions, currently sitting at 15 headshots and 1 fullbody, with various deadlines but I should be able to start churning them out as of Monday when the bulk of my art is complete and the rest is done in class.
As I've not been doing join.mes, due to not doing any digital work (I had to dust off my tablet the other day when I went to use it to make a photo manip for a drawing), I have been contemplating starting doing more livestreams, and maybe even starting up a youtube channel for timelapses. Is this something people would like? Or would you prefer another platform for streaming? (please make suggestions though do note that the platform needs to be able to feed off a webcam I have set up through a USB. I might consider getting something more like a small video cam corder as my DSLR would have HUGE files that I'm not prepared to store on my computer and it would be very hard to set up, but this would probably only work for youtube.
I also do still have lots to upload of art I did a few months ago that is just waiting on stories, including RDR-Academy stuff and more storyline elements. Once the rush has calmed down I will hopefully tend to my storyline a little more and look to RP.
On top of all that I've got my end of year exams coming up too. The first one is 3 weeks on Wednesday I believe (which is a little scary due to the fact I only started revision, and not very much of it on Tuesday!) and the last one is on the last day of my show (29th May). After my exams I am officially free until September 14th when university starts, which is very exciting! I've got all my offers, so I just have to firm one and pick an insurance but I kinda already know what I'm going to pick, so I will hopefully be going off to study Veterinary Biosciences! I hope to be able to continue with my commissions as trade is booming at the moment, and with HARPG, but maybe more on the traditional front!
And on that note, with my new colouring pencils I do have a few pieces in the works for HARPG, so keep your eyes peeled! I can't wait until I get a lull in the commissions though as I am slowly drowning over here, quoting August completion dates, eek!
I think that's all for now! Enjoy some pictures of my art that I've been working on, along with some photographs of this year's lambs!

Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStablesUntitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables Untitled by OakBrookeStables


Thu Oct 17, 2013, 2:26 PM
It's been a while!
Got a couple business things to do and some photos to edit (still ;-;) so please come keep me company :D
I'm at uni now so I'm not sure what the wifi is going to be like yet but it seems like it should be okay :la:

They'll know me Someday by OakBrookeStables
They'll know me Someday
Remember these guys? The infamous Dan and Danijel!
I had these guys for the RRD Training Challenge which unfortunately ended, so lately they've been floating. But don't worry! They're back!
Dan and Danijel have been freelancing around the country, moving from America to join the european circuit, doing some odd jobs here and there.

This is for the H-I-E-F show, Lugnas.

Horse: Dance with the Devil
Rider: Danijel Kaliic
Class: 3* Show jumping
Start number: 405 (visable partially on back and on saddle pad)

Reference: My own from the Pony Club Championships 2014


Constantly moving from stables to stables was tiring for Danijel but it was a must, as most temporary work didn't last more than a few weeks. They were always running into money issues and couldn't seem to find a fulltime job where he got on with the people he worked with. The last job he had he couldn't stand the owner's thirteen year old daughter who thought she was such a good rider and decided to take Dan out on a ride when Danijel was out teaching a lesson, without his knowledge. She got bucked off almost as soon as she got on, not knowing the kind of bond you needed to even get on that horse. That was the final straw there, as the owner now hated him so he left. 

He heard about the HIEF event a few days prior to the incident so sent in an application, knowing that there would be a lot of top riders there, and know whos - a job opportunity? Money was scarce and board was not cheap. When he was working though he hardly had time to ride Dan at all, normally only managing to ride at about 10pm, after all the chores were done for the day. He also yearned for a dressage horse. He'd been classically trained from a teen, but all of the horses with potential were way out of his non-existant budget.

At the show he knew he had to do well, a lot of people had been knocking poles as they were so light and the horses were not used to being ridden at night, but that was one thing that the pair had going for them. They knew they had to pull a clean round out of the bag, to make people notice them. It wasn't so much about the winning, but a high placing would be great as there was a good prizefund, but he really needed a job and a place to stay in Sweden once the event was over.

"Oh come on!" He shouted at the stallion who was fighting for his head in excitment coming up to the jumps. He needed to be more careful and calm. He threw in a buck, the stride before the practice jump, which led to a few 'choice words' coming out of Danijel's mouth. He decided the best thing for the excited stallion was to get the excitement out by going for a gallop, so he walked around the arena, looking for a steward who took him to an area that was suitable. They had a quick blast as he didn't want to make Dan too tired, and then took him back to the ring. He then brought Dan around to the practice jump again, where he approached steadily, just speeding up the last few strides, and then he popped over it quite the thing. 
"Bloody stallions," Danijel muttered. 
"Can we have Dan and Danijel to the tunnel please, that's entrant 405 to the tunnel, thank you," one of the stweards shouted. 
Danijel, brought Dan down to a trot and entered the arena, not wanting to lose the focus they just had. 
There wasn't much in the way of applause for Danijel, a practically unknown Croatian, but that didn't bother him. They'd know his name soon, he was sure of it.
Northern Lights by OakBrookeStables
Northern Lights
Okay so this one has been sitting in my submissions since maybe March? Along with about 8 or 9 others that were completed around the same time (Feb-March) because they currently lack stories. This one still lacks a story but I like it and I don't want to just not upload it because it doesn't have a story xD

So this is Kit, Kissing in the Rain, daughter of Rain x Demone, showing off what a lovely trot she has! Expect to see more of her as she'll be getting out competing in a month or two! :la:

OBS News

Sun Jun 21, 2015, 8:32 AM


With still having not found any of their horses, the team at Oak Brooke Stables have been contemplating where they are going to take the stables next. We have decided to concentrate on the breeding of our dutch warmbloods to create an elite lineage, which each horse being a champion in their own right. This will be for the discipline of dressage, but we will keep a couple of other horses around for the ride. We are also, as you may have noticed a few weeks ago, getting a pair of Obertaurer foals which is very exciting for us! The obertaurers are more suited to the climate in Scotland so this seemed like a logical step for us. We are not sure what discipline these will be introduced for, and will play it by ear as they are still foals. You should see images of these guys up in the next new weeks! On the show front we are entering the Midsummer Celebration Grand Prix, hosted by mistyhills and helsinge, and you should totally go and check it out! Also, the plan is to place some old art in scraps and tidy up my gallery as the coloured pencils are invading!!


Eilidh Geddes
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OakBrookeStables Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww thank you ^^

I have a set of 120 faber-castell polychromos for my coloured pencil work, but they're pretty new. I use a set of 60 faber-castell pitt pastel pencils for my pastel work and the faber-castell tin of graphite pencils along with 3 grades of mechanical pencil for my graphite work :)
As for paper, for my graphite work I use Daler Rowney Heavyweight paper (pink cover). For pastels I use Daler Rowney Murano paper which I buy in sheets and cut to size. For coloured pencil I use Bockingford hot press watercolour paper for A4 piece and at the moment I use Daler Rowney Aquarelle (hot pressed) for A3 work but I find it a bit too textured. You may find the best investment some blending medium, like zest-it as long as your pencils are either oil or wax based :)

As regards to dapples... Well a lot of it came from just understanding how dapples are formed, as white hair breaking through the darker hair so you realise that they aren't going to be perfect circles or in any kind of pattern. I recommend just looking at lots of photos of dappled horses for that though! I've been chopping and changing my technique for 4 years xD

If you have any other questions, shoot me a note :)
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